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A Million-pound Love is a Manga Comic created by Unknown and was first published on Apr 25 2019. Make sure you are more than 17 years old before Read A Million-pound Love because it has Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo, Drama, Comedy, Psychological, Tragedy, Sci Fi genres.
Synopsis A Million-pound Love This is a collection of seven oneshot stories which were already published. Released so far... 1) A Million Pound Love: a 80 year-old lady ask a 20 year-old playboy to marry her as a last wish, in exchange for one million pounds. 2) A Fairytale Judas 3) Noah's Spaceship 4) Metal and the Bride
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Chapter 4 | 3.2 | 3.1 |

Chapters Upload
Chapter 4 February 17, 2014
Chapter 3.2 February 17, 2014
Chapter 3.1 February 17, 2014
Chapter 2.2 February 17, 2014
Chapter 2.1 February 17, 2014
Chapter 1 February 16, 2014


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