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Last Update 10/22/2020

Akuno Himitsu Kessha is a Manga Comic created by Unknown and was first published on Apr 25 2019. Make sure you are more than 17 years old before Read Akuno Himitsu Kessha because it has Shounen, School Life, Comedy genres.
Synopsis Akuno Himitsu Kessha Akuno Himitsu Kessha (Evil Secret Society) is 4-koma about Akuno Asahi. Akuno appears to be a beautiful and smart high school girl who would go to any length to help her classmates and teachers. However, hidden in her heart, she harbors a desire to be the leader of an evil secret society. She was starting to think that her dream would never be fulfilled, but then one day she meets her truant classmate, Hitoyoshi.
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Chapters Upload
Chapter 9 April 16, 2018
Chapter 8 February 18, 2018
Chapter 7 January 11, 2018
Chapter 6 February 15, 2015
Chapter 5 November 27, 2014
Chapter 4 August 14, 2014
Chapter 3 July 10, 2014
Chapter 2 February 06, 2014
Chapter 1 February 06, 2014


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