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Anata Ni Tsunagaretai is a Manga Comic created by Unknown and was first published on Apr 25 2019. Make sure you are more than 17 years old before Read Anata Ni Tsunagaretai because it has Romance, Shoujo, Slice Of Life genres.
Synopsis Anata Ni Tsunagaretai This book is a collection of steamy stories! 1) I Want to Be Bound by You (Anata ni Tsunagaretai - Unprohibited Passion). Ayuna comes to visit her brother at the hotel where he works, but a case of mistaken identity leads her into the royal suite and the arms of Takano, a handsome young businessman. He's Daidou Corporation's ruthless behind-the-scenes manipulator who handles all of its dirty work. Nothing gives him more pleasure than corrupting that which is pure, and... Ayuna is pure. Contains "consensual rape" sexual situations. 2) Steal My Body Away (Karada-goto Ubatte - Your Heart, Your Person). Terumi and Kazu have been sleeping together at hotels, but the relationship is entirely physical. Can it be called love? This is when Terumi suddenly meets Kyuuji, an intense young stranger who boldly uses her to escape a fight. Because she takes offense, Kyuuji then pursues the fight to appease her. He steals Terumi's heart away, but will the jilted Kazu allow Kyuuji to steal Terumi's body? Contains sexual situations. 3) The Devil's Mask (Akuma no Kamen - Devil's Mask). Natsuki is content in her relationship with Showa, a boy in her tennis club. That's why she despises herself for drinking too much at a party one night and sleeping with the student body president, Kazuomi. He's a devil and a genius who publicly wears an angel's mask, and he tells Natsuki that if she doesn't want her boyfriend to know about her drunken infidelity, then she'll continue sleeping with him in secret. The secret is in danger of being exposed, however, when Kazuomi joins the tennis club. No, not that secret -- Natsuki's OTHER secret. Contains strong "consensual rape" sexual situations. 4) Painful Love (Itai Ai). Everyone is a little afraid of Ryuuichirou. He's a gang leader who hangs out in an alley that Norika passes through each day to get to work. Norika is attracted to his dangerous aura and the gentility he displays towards her, but a painful past haunts him that has the potential to be both spiritually and physically painful to Norika. Contains strong sexual situations. (taken from ShoujoMagic)
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