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Last Update 10/22/2020

Aozora, Kami Hikoki is a Manga Comic created by Unknown and was first published on Apr 25 2019. Make sure you are more than 17 years old before Read Aozora, Kami Hikoki because it has Romance, Shoujo, Drama, School Life, Comedy genres.
Synopsis Aozora, Kami Hikoki Sankaku is going to graduate from junior high soon, and she is a girl who treats many things with cold cynicism because of a disappointing romance during elementary school. She now does not have the courage to love and decides to bury her feelings for her long-time crush, Yokosuka, and graduate without telling him about how she feels. One day, she happens to run into Yokosuka and his friends, plotting to do something stupid on graduation day. Soon, Sankaku is caught in their crazy plan!
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Chapters Upload
Chapter 5 February 06, 2014
Chapter 4 February 06, 2014
Chapter 3 February 06, 2014
Chapter 2 February 06, 2014
Chapter 1 February 06, 2014


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