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Last Update 10/23/2020

Ayashiya is a Manga Comic created by banno mutsumi and was first published on Apr 25 2019. Make sure you are more than 17 years old before Read Ayashiya because it has Action, Shounen genres.
Synopsis Ayashiya Kazuya is a boy with special gift, an ability that could change the fate of the world, is highly sought after by the Youkai's. When he was 12, his parents got slaughtered by a youkai that call himself Yasashiware. So, he swear that he's going to avenge his parents by putting 1000 youkai's heads on stakes. This is the adventure of Kazuya, the wind runner, as he tread through the land of japan to fulfill his vengeance!
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Chapters Upload
Chapter 7 April 03, 2017
Chapter 6 December 27, 2016
Chapter 5 July 23, 2016
Chapter 4 July 23, 2016
Chapter 3 October 03, 2015
Chapter 2 April 04, 2015
Chapter 1 April 04, 2015

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    あやしや; คดีลับอสูรปริศนา; Ayashiya The Demon Slayer
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