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Last Update 01/10/2021

Azuke Honya is a Manga Comic created by Unknown and was first published on Apr 25 2019. Make sure you are more than 17 years old before Read Azuke Honya because it has Fantasy, Shoujo, Drama, Comedy genres.
Synopsis Azuke Honya Fukaya Shinichiro's whimsical grandfather has decided, quite out of the blue, to hand over one of his many holdings, a bookstore known as the "Fukayadou", to his high school-age grandson!Shinichiro is understandably reluctant, but when he sets foot in the store only to be immediately drawn into a world full of fantastical books that thrive on human emotions, and meets the handsome blond man with a mysterious smile who works as its manager, he realizes his life will never be normal again.
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Chapters Upload
Chapter 10 November 03, 2016
Chapter 9 August 18, 2016
Chapter 8 March 04, 2014
Chapter 7 March 04, 2014
Chapter 6 March 04, 2014
Chapter 5 February 06, 2014
Chapter 4 February 06, 2014
Chapter 3 February 06, 2014
Chapter 2 February 06, 2014
Chapter 1 February 06, 2014


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