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Black Torch is a Manga Comic created by takaki tsuyoshi and was first published on Apr 25 2019. Make sure you are more than 17 years old before Read Black Torch because it has Action, Fantasy, Supernatural, Adventure genres.
Synopsis Black Torch Seventeen-year-old Jirou Azuma lives a quiet life with his grandfather, using his supernatural ability to talk to and protect animals. Both Jirou and his grandfather are descendants of a long-standing Shinobi clan, educated in battle to keep the art of war alive within their families. Jirou 's life is thrown into turmoil after saving a seemingly normal black cat, Ragou, only to learn that the cat is really a mononic — a dark entity that has been at war with mankind for a long time. When an aggressive mononoke comes searching for Ragou, Jirou uses his shinobi skills to run to the cat 's defense, but he suffers a deadly wound instantly. In the face of the decision whether or not to devour the dwindling energy of Jirou and restore himself to full power, instead, Ragou chooses to give his remaining energy to Jirou. Reviving the boy, the transition also gives him great supernatural powers that complement his own Shinobi style of combat. This act is observed by Ryousuke Shiba, an officer in the Espionage Bureau whose job is to dispatch hostile mononoke. Shiba extends the offer to Jirou and his grandfather: to join the Bureau's new squad, the Black Torch, and help them fight the evil Mononoke who try to devour innocent people.
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Chapters Upload
Chapter 19 August 14, 2019
Chapter 18 August 14, 2019
Chapter 17 August 14, 2019
Chapter 16 August 14, 2019
Chapter 15 July 06, 2019
Chapter 14 July 06, 2019
Chapter 13 March 31, 2019
Chapter 12 May 31, 2018
Chapter 11 February 18, 2018
Chapter 10 December 13, 2017
Chapter 9 December 12, 2017
Chapter 8 September 14, 2017
Chapter 7 August 31, 2017
Chapter 6 June 12, 2017
Chapter 5 May 30, 2017
Chapter 4 April 29, 2017
Chapter 3.5 July 05, 2017
Chapter 3 March 18, 2017
Chapter 2 February 16, 2017
Chapter 1 February 25, 2017


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